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has demanded that are extradite one of the most influential sunni muslim clerics in the middle east muslim brotherhood supporter you to all current tally is monty alongside hours to get them as president muhammad more state in connection with a nasty outbreak during the two thousand and that oustd the hakim a bar of dark alley has previously condemned the pope saudi arabia's support for generosity see the army backed government and the wealthy gulf states for their ep until the handover wanted egyptian
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cairo i think used to tar and its tv channel al jazeera of supporting the brother of three of the station's journalist currently face charges of aiding egyptian belonging to the banned group now labeled a organization the world health organization has warned that the number of new cases of cancer worldwide is set to rise to twenty may in a year like twenty twenty five according to a new report by the international agency for research on cancer in two thousand and twelve there were an estimated fourteen million new cases every year the roos specialized cancer agency designed to start seeing a rapid rise in the number of cancers worldwide particularly in low and middle income country at the booth laboratories in deference to the upper beyond scientists are able to analyze people so in an effort to improve cancer treatment and prevention thanks to the laboratories contain some six million human sample collected from one point five million of
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the people around the world loom . tulsa based terror groups like twenty eight repeats of this trial in january three times as many as the average month in two thousand and thirteen according to new defense the kids at least five business from its claim to residential areas of the southern states the basket on what intercepted by the primetime soap defense system. it's the statistics were published in the same week i masturbate is snowing hundred strong rocha preventing falls from the moment of boredom with drool came up to the israeli air force nor street under a tree strikes aimed at destroying terror activity helps with the stuart seventies in gaza are some in separate the mass is made as a green light for terrorists if it is rendell recent attacks on israel believed to be carried out by french crepes determined to
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undermine the hamas regime the increase in rocket fire may need to break in ceasefire agreed in two thousand and twelve following the operation of defense who wants to come back since it's a broken fire from gaza into israel israeli intelligence minister you folks join its has said the military could embrace gaza and topple come and see if the rocket fire continued defense minister moshe get on the oh so wet that the high mass with a heavy price if it could be in place it's a farsi on the enclave fan. a sudden death of oscar winning actor philip seymour hoffman as you are in the recent rise in related drug overdoses in the federal government survey says the amount of americans using has doubled to over six hundred thousand from twenty oh seven to twenty twelve. or of his body was discovered after an edited their win over dips with a syringe to his arm. the actor went to rehab for his twenty three year long struggle with
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drug and alcohol abuse last year. medical officials say the actors that reaffirms that reputation as a lifelong disease. philip seymour hoffman. stop using drugs and uncle for many many years but the relapse. and that's who the director saw nine that addiction is the doc's who knows when. thus horizon hero in use across the united states could be because of its use and availability. so i can fulfill two more off the press trust of the matter until the late due to a lot of people jonathan returned to her one. one big question for six or old actor's death is why would a talented many high points of his career apparently turned to us the people in the tube in his acquaintances who would see him walk here and please notice that he seemed to be i just got a bit dorky seats that he does it seem to be himself. so something was going on with him he could of been for probably the press and this they have been his way of trying to achieve some
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of feeling of normalcy or emerges not be so stupid i just envy. it's so pain by depression. the overdoses can often lead to a long list of entertainers to come true to the last decade. the actor corey monty died of an accidental overdose of and alcohol to invade cuba troops were also the cause of death that just really an actor heath ledger in twenty oh eight and singer whitney houston in twenty twelve like many nations around the world israel is constantly faced with cyber threats and attacks. and so it has the ballot special expertise in the field exhibited at a conference and tell of being put to one of the ones that stay inside for defends been. unlike regular
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one scene. you feel safe. is it that all the time it's non stop especially was sad to see it if their worst time to laze under the radar. you don't see them even when the ceasefire they continued to it to happen. right now we are under attack all the time mr and his unopened one of the most advanced countries in the world with regard to this understanding the issues of cybersecurity and definitely with their security keeping this in defense capabilities we came in on that international reports we are rated as one of the leaders there one of the top three leaders in the world. with elijah investment in staff technology geared toward cyber defense the israeli government is actively protecting itself. we shouldn't be afraid to expose the game from the site or whatsoever it takes. we should look it's either as a great opportunity to taste
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the difference on to identify it was frightening incident on the island and immediately decided that we should establish these rates under a national hero. he gave us depressed us make his run a leading country in cyber defense. dinner was the minister of economy we are located in the summer of eighteen medium is really chickens in order to support his re companies to meet these market site for mission beach area for the most complex eye protection area. again undergo skills knowledge and experience these days cyber attacks at a popular form of attacking a student organization or individual therefore it's either it and has been created in order to shrink companies in person now. i didn't feel when it does indeed occur in real time. we train people to understand what it means to be under attack to recognize that they're under attack and when they recognize what to do it in mind but one fact it
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is not just teaching people the training of them making them go through the motions during dad's side of push ups you know that to get better at it. so when an actual attack occurs they will be able to defend themselves such is the case for israel electric corporation a non governmental cooperation most attacked in the country isn't that a corporation is actually one of the single most attack bodies in the one that is not a memento which means we get sometimes up to one and thirty thousand attacks two weeks on the eighteenth century and on the technology that each day and a son of managers the mentality of conference dedicated to the study of cyber security and defence professional actors hired to hack into private and organizations in order to address their weaknesses and to look at how easily it can often be to penetrate the private and secure confines of an institution it's also odd to get into organisational to get into
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websites. although their wallets all depend on how much did it to the pd and my dvd that is the fencing and discomfort that we can do something called an astringent and that we need it to get all the information the use and install the pots of gold they pray to god today the lost tools although the intention to do it. i continued until soft and the chicken down on the news that another to act however disaster control in a recovery is just that simple when trained professionals are to be found in this around is a lever and while danny is empty inside because the adults of people the messiah that we understand what is it that we always afraid that somebody can detect that's still in the know how to defence against the skin intact and the lip area i live in the mold to make it back and re how to do i believe that the study's lead in defending but it's always good to train
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and to learn new techniques and to be alert signal it's close to what's up a needle but me because not all the time. how we need to know exactly what's going on in other places in the lot so good to see certain factors that lead people into an omelet techniques for mon and tue and more protection the mayor's that enable our organizations to protect themselves when the consumption tax relief to attend international cooperation. he wanted to do it will mean significant difference want to share information with each other because to save my work and come to us to the same time coming to a bank and the west on the other and we have to share technology. ensuring stability so on the main reason the peace conference mr packer's behind me was assigned its talons to break in took on a new axle information into a database and steal it back. as i retold the best offensive cyber war is of the house and
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with israel for pulling this war are excelling at a counter attack is vital for its eye for survival. during the day in one of a day. fast moving storm that swept into northeast of the united states bring back the combination of freezing rain and snow assault force and cancellation of flights and slowing traffic travelers leaving it in your city area after the super bowl weekend are facing long delays at the airport and snow covered dangerous roads. according to national weather service the snow could still be in to see philadelphia new york based on the sector has seen me do that you're sitting there until it did not see a warning residents to be ready for anything encouraging people to use transport and stay inside if possible. some one thousand seven hundred flights had been canceled nationwide according to flight tracking sites like to wear in cities including philadelphia newark new
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jersey and new york . do you thing spring to mind in each of them and it's rainy and multiple two of extra virgin olive oil. the use of success in spain when company's coming on exporting to the needs and its products abroad. and the reason for the very first time this product will be available to potentially millions of new customers. because it is just being gone up to find kosher status. winning is fun trying to silence all the men claimed the scheme benefits of olive oil in a well known to many of the mayans used to be found. the leaves here it's been an up and we got up only used to make extra virgin olive oil which means it is just mechanically and it's no temperatures when he
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decided to move to new markets becoming certified kosher was one of those objectives. bladder cancer menu featuring student in a us market which we find very interesting for a product and it's air. all day and age is coming in today's be important. so with trying to make it easier this way to access not only the jewish people but also man on a really dense and people that define a kosher and certification as a guarantee of quality tea. the company was surprised by how quickly the was given the green line to stop at the scotia a lesson that difficult once the bell and the rabbi came here and said to five that the production was so great that it was all on the day do these perceptions and an didn't we have been a decent nineteen ten that we don't touch anything in any moment of the price as its only say the very keen and its air will do nothing to get into a
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silly can and get the next hole over the stumps he coaches the system require a multitude he stood in the production process one has its roots with these only boiled beans beans so stressful it was the answer is simple it's because seats have a natural product it's only dunes of the audience and it's only one ingredient which doesn't carry any of there and i did tease or any of the ingredients. because for all the pregnancy have to say to fight the tv and that is involved in the process but it's not the same disc is because it only one in and being an actual product. so he doesn't have any complications and not being alcohol or around a sacred products night winds. it is often said to the secrets is punished cooking is down to just one simple rule the quality of the rolling begins. so using the great scotia olive oil means that
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you'll only get the hof way back. this is called jane on in spain products egyptian tv channel out to read this will cost of the different december chairing the restive to jen them as belonging to tolerate a tunnel out to zero the footage set to dramatic music chairs security forces questioning al jazeera's acting current era chief mohammed tommy and australian correspondent the tigress was still belongings including a camera like the cards as a not so wholesome filled to the hotel suite which has been used as an office for the channel the final shot shows the tape being led away to wait in police van. al jazeera's offices in cairo it has been closed since the third of july following the ouster of islam expressed in the habit small c to twenty al jazeera journalists
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covering the on trial accused of joining or aiding a group no trial date has been set yet out his era has labelled the charges city and all based on reality. relations between the two ticket on it deteriorates has since amended the basque government was installed in the crackdown on the brotherhood began the tv station is accused of being biased towards mossy and his organization the seven month crackdown led by army chief of delphi to lcc has claimed the lives of more than one thousand people . many and better. one remarkable young american. it's been a journey that he describes as like moving from toddlers to lie to the markets that spotlights the tragedy that
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was true. what i did some good fights in sales and addictions to the streets the trial of musicians loving parents who also tried out the stadium but grew up in august after sports day before. a lot of violence seen a lot of buzz stroke houston houston and go and also a part of myself for the night i started smoking pot the most in fourth grade i started sewing it on those in sixth grade. also i think the singtel first leg of lifers weapon offers gut music was exactly the song about things he used drugs violence and despair. he started his music wasn't enough he knew he needed something more. develop like a hero series since of like you know something's happening to me something changing and that i met a lot of questions in the second one that says questions growing up places seattle's orthodox jewish neighborhood
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in actually asked questions about judaism. to those questions that relate to the new incident a major way um and by the events rabbi in the world actually identify the times the rabbi go go go without come home and one of the end it with his new found faith he took the name to see it in there went back to the recording studio for the first time in several years out of those sessions k chronicles vol. i use it. so we go. that's what's the status. locals. um with the hope that i could maybe add a little bit of self expression. in answer to question before they get axed christians understand that an explanation of why he is a work in progress but as he is
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embrace judaism. so the jewish community has embraced him by an incoming calls in his music. i think that the message is still there was still the same the message of hope the message of growth and inspiration. with great spiritual contentment the same as also been able to reconcile his presence with his pops. that's the news. it is. this was to be able to inspire people and make them not only will of god the beloved ideologue got to love themselves that the gangsta rap style prison is now long gone and the label of jewish rapper has given way to that simply musician. jenny the missing daniel black become the seed is molded just one of religious conversion. it's taken a young man from the shot of guns drugs and
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pain. and given him hope and joy that he reflects back upon the world through his songs. i intend extant today and gone in seattle . these days timbers altitude isn't the only factor contributing to its reputation as one of the highest us cities colorado's decision to become the first state to legalize recreational sailor consumption of marijuana has sparked a big influx of interest to tourists all the gear for a taste of the greener side of denver for operator such as color iraqi men hide tours frequent with experience smokers who will show you around the puc approval the company is just one of several of his tour operators and embrace color of his decision to become the first state to legalize marijuana for residents and non residents on january first. i let her baby dolls
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and geo and our guide each one of them has the pages at a building or a mac cheese annie also have a little bay at the guest bed with them are they really did not traveling with them. it's on to international call it what it is actually a bit. they made their first bought the kits would be here for is to get by. though p e i might play into the wind. it beats that. and that it would really buy that as us together all that. they did not. big kids. after that first bit the three months of my future. avoid them like children and grandchildren
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preferential in college. they are. class of such services are looking for discretion in and told as they explore retail outlets to grow and sell marijuana and edible marijuana suits. eight which has all the edible. they started at the restaurant but that did not last that the way i was away and be ready so we have decided to add a recreational player and the medical side so they do all kinds of that medicare hospice. guests are able to purchase a range of items for mare won the streets with names like green correct eta she infused throughout its gummy candies even qantas canola cooking or typical cannabis tour will set you back three hundred and twenty five us dollars. the comments to you experience life living in the future. it's indeed my parents age my age or older and for some but that's coming in is only memories that we eat brownies and his friend in college i got them really super high. this is a whole new world. the sea tourism office is keeping its distance while the ski industry is assuring visitors that the slopes are free in
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the air is clean. marijuana industry officials estimate that some thirty percent of recreational sales will be made ahead of state visitors facebook has come a long way since its launch in a harvard dorm some ten years ago but mark zuckerberg that a college sophomore and four of his roommates. it began as a social networking site exclusive universities but quickly grew to become a major boost for connection in countries around the world. i think that the primary change his head on the facebook started out as an icon that started out at the gathering place for kids but the find each other were not in a physical space together we can still connect and socialize. its creation was the subject of an academy award winning film two thousand tents and the social network facebook now boasts over and carrying active users and is still the go to place on the internet for making long lost social connections planning activities and organizing groups the scrip had an auspicious beginning in iraq
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initial offering on the nasdaq stock exchange in two thousand twelve to negotiating price of the social media site was thirty dollars a share dottie hundred and four billion us dollars to begin offering up to date for newly listed company and the ipo raised sixteen billion us dollar is the third largest offering a venue the listed company in us history the stock plummeted last almost a quarter of its share value by the end of two thousand twelve though it has recovered since although it's still considered means standard for social networking site had its ups and downs over the past decade from concerns over its privacy policy to accommodate a growing on my belly epidemic that despite its shortcomings. there's still another site that does as good of a job in connecting people around the world. he has a long way to go before
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becoming an olympic event but several hundred japanese over the weekend took part in an alternative form of exercise hole digging. across the country nearly three hundred teams each with a maximum of six members squared off in the campground to compete for cash prizes the golden shovel and to become the japanese national gold digging champion the rules are fairly straightforward. each team is three minutes to take the deepest hole possible forward is through them and that he wants to become a credit i don't like to think there is anywhere else in the wellesley conspiracy to go home so we thought that people would enjoy this event it's their cause. going into the competition the team from two sydney were the favourites having clinched last year's golden child. and once again this year they didn't disappoint digging a hole three point four one meters below the earth's surface and walking away with a thousand us dollars in prizemoney and
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retain the coveted golden shell i know. the board would go through to see most often has to lie to this new york city apartment aged forty six please department officials say he died from a suspected drug under the eyes of the encounter was the need to in his own soul says speaking to the new york post said five bags of were found in his body. hoffman won the best actor award for his two thousand and five film capote in which she portrayed the american right to famous for the nevada constitution means the act also received three academy award nominations for best supporting actor. his latest project was the hunger games series the film's producers say he had only seven days left to filming. friends have been paying tribute to him
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one of those about the existence of the bridge to haunt him such an amazing though. such. jesus immediately. some of it which try to reflect the reality of it on streamyx doesn't come. everyday from four of five format to meet its own replicates a sister and sadness. three freestyle men made his name during the nineteen nineties with films including the pick of the house key and thirteen points in two thousand he appeared in almost famous comedy drama about a teenage journalist working for rodents time magazine the most of his career he was ninth in the independent film industry for his intense but trials of characters. hoffman previously admitted to an end to these he struggled with drug addiction up to twenty three is being slave but he checked himself into rehab last minute of the developing addiction yet to have ava sixty film credits to his night. rule. i did. i mean
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to me. will. who are. will
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